Why We Should All Stop Eating Fish

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Nowadays, we deal with lots of climatic changes that affect us and the environment in lots of ways. Therefore, it is essential that we protect the environment as much as we can. Fish play an important role in the ecosystem and unfortunately, their number has considerably decreased due to the pollution. Scientists say that we should all stop eating fish, and here is why we should do this as soon as possible.

Strong reasons for not eating fish anymore

If we continue to eat fish in the same quantity as we did the past few years, we will soon lose lots of species. What we must understand is the fact that the oceans are not a ”renewable source” as they used to be many years ago. The seafood cannot be a sustainable food source anymore, due to the simple fact that there are too many people on the planet. Every species of fish is an important part of the ecosystem, and without it, things will not be the same. Some studies have shown that in only 5 years, we have managed to wipe out nearly 90% of the ocean’s top predators, including marlin, sharks, and swordfish. Therefore, it is essential that we protect our planet as much as we can, as we are actually protecting ourselves. Another good reason for stop eating fish is the fact that we will considerably reduce the amount of fuel consumed for transporting the fish all over the world. On the other hand, believe it or not, people are actually forced to catch fish and this is a true fact, unfortunately. If it doesn’t happen close to you, it doesn’t mean that it is not happening anywhere else either. For example, in Thailand, due to the poverty, lots of people are bought and forced to stay on the fishing vessels and do 20-hour shifts. This is absolutely inhuman, and unfortunately, we support a situation like this due to the fact that w continue to consume lots of fish. This is something that happens all over the world, not only in Thailand. There are lots of poor people who are treated like slaves in order to capture a large quantity of fish. Therefore, in case you are still wondering why we should stop eating fish, then this is without a doubt a good reason to do this as soon as possible. A recent study has shown that nearly 30% of food-borne illness is actually caused by the imported seafood. Due to the fact that the oceans are polluted nowadays, the marine species are affected as well, and therefore, we can get ill. Not only lots of marine animals die, but people’s health can be affected as well. Furthermore, farmed salmon has actually a lot more harmful pollutants that can cause you cancer than wild salmon.

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