What to consider when building a garden room

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Building a garden room can be a great way to expand your family living space without designing a home addition. Such a construction will allow you to benefit from some extra space, which you can design and use exactly the way you want. You will have the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor area even when the weather is not so favourable. However, if you do decide to build a garden room, it is important to think about a few relevant details. From hiring competent garden room designers, to choosing a style that suits your needs, think about the following considerations before starting the building project.

Building regulations

First, you will need to check your local building regulations, to avoid any legal inconveniences in the future. There are a few rules and limits you will need to adhere to, and this may vary depending on city or neighbourhood. Find out the maximum roof height and room dimensions allowed. If you hire a designer, they will be able to provide you with sufficient information on the topic.

Style and purpose

One of the most important details to think about is the style of your garden room. What are you going to use it for? From lounge room, to home office or playroom for your children, you have many alternatives to choose from, depending on what your needs are. Do you want the room to be the centrepiece of your garden or just a discreet addition? Also, remember that the room should be positioned in such a way that allows you to enjoy a great view of the garden.


Last but not least, before planning any other detail of the project, start looking for a designer that can bring your idea to life. Experience, professionalism and reliability should be the main characteristics to look for. Do not yourself be influenced by a cheap asking price, because the price is usually linked to the quality of work offered. Compare your options, and choose to hire a designer who can take care of the project according to your requirements.

Because a garden room can improve the aesthetics of your outdoor area and increase your living space, you should make sure you have though everything through before starting the construction. Probably the most important detail is to find yourself a team of professional designers that can handle the project and deliver the results you expect. Look online for offers, and choose the best company for the job.

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