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Lately, we’ve been witnessing sudden climate changes, and they’re affecting our lives and the nature around us. In response to this crisis, sustainability is here to implement better practices for people and businesses. Therefore, some countries have already made changes, so here are the top three cities that are most sustainable worldwide.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Also being one of the greenest cities in the world, Copenhagen is also the most sustainable, as nine out of ten people own and use a bike daily. Plenty of cycle paths are provided, separated from car lanes and sidewalks, so the infrastructure helps people live more environmentally friendly.


Plus, most buildings are LEED platinum-certified (the highest green status), and solar panels are almost everywhere, powering picnic boats and more. Copenhagen’s best green project is the Copenhill, a plant that converts waste to energy, supplying many houses with electricity. The city is also known for efficient insulation (Rockwool) and heating applications (Danfoss). Denmark was the first country to establish a Ministry of Environment back in 1971 and implement environmental legislation.


Stockholm, Sweden

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Sweden is highly appreciated for its sustainability principles and mesmerizing sights. A fotograf can capture the Drottningholm Palace or the Göta Canal, but besides these sights, Sweden has incorporated sustainability in every place in the city.


Kolarbyn is a hotel in Stockholm in an area with dense taiga forests and lakes. It’s a series of 12 forest huts, equipped with only two hard beds and sheepskin covers. You’d need to light your own fire and chop wood to keep you warm. For food, you are provided with some on the guided tours, but you can forage for mushrooms and berries in the woods. What could be more sustainable than this?


Also, Stockholm reuses wasted heat to warm over 1.000 flats in the colder weather. Moreover, it aims to stop using fossil fuels by 2040 and to implement greener policies. It already uses biofuel generated from sewage waste, powering vehicles around the city.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, too, cycling is the primary type of transportation, but even regarding vehicles, the number of emissions has been reduced by introducing electric vehicles around the city. Most homeowners have solar panels installed on the roofs; they grow their own vegetables and fruits and frequently buy from local farmers. Overall, green culture has become more popular.


What’s more interesting about Amsterdam is that even fashion is sustainable there, creating the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainable fashion, called Fashion for Good. Last year, the business selected 14 startups to mentor and guide regarding how to make fashion sustainable and reduce the carbon footprint. The topics include digital textile dyeing processes, gamified retail experience and leather alternatives made from garden and park waste.


Final thoughts

Every business should adopt sustainable practices, but countries should be the first to provide the means for green solutions. Luckily, some have already started including these principles and providing people with infrastructure and tools for sustainability.


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