Sustainable Green Living Concepts that All People Should Live By

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During the evolution of our species, we neglected our planet and took excessive advantage of what it had to offer. Now is the time to change the way we live and to help mother Earth in her time of need. If you want to participate in helping prolong our planet’s quality and life, read the following lines to find out which are the sustainable green living concepts that all people should live by and apply what you learn here.

Buy local foods

No matter if you have a garden in which you can plant several species of vegetables and fruits, you still have to shop for certain foods. When you go shopping for the food products that you need, instead of buying from big stores that sell food that was imported from another city or country, buy only local foods. Due to the fact that the food you acquire wasn’t transported from another area, you reduce the carbon dioxide output. Also, you stimulate the local economy if you shop from a local provider. In addition, you will eat healthier food. Local food is healthier than imported food because it hasn’t traveled for days and in weird conditions to reach your shopping bag. Foods that you buy from a local provider will surely be fresh and of the best quality possible.

Give up on eating meat

Industrial meat production involves land degradation, the depletion of natural resources, and soil erosion. Participate in putting a stop to the meat industry and lead a sustainable green lifestyle by giving up on consuming meat. If you find it impossible to eliminate meat from your diet completely, make sure that you only serve it 1-2 times per week and that you consume organically raised meat. After only a few weeks of reducing your meat consumption habit or giving it up for good, you will notice major improvements in your health as well.

Green transportation

If you want to lead a sustainable green lifestyle, you can’t go on driving your old gas guzzler of a car anymore. A great option for green transportation would be for you to change your old car with an electric or hybrid car. But if you don’t have the money to make this change, you don’t have to feel bad because there are other alternatives that you can try. For one, you can carpool to reduce carbon emissions and oil consumption. Also, you can go to work or wherever you need with a bike, by walking to the destination, or by using public transportation.

Start the dishwasher only when it’s full

A lot of people don’t realise how much water they waste every time they start the dishwasher only for 2 dirty plates. A concept of sustainable green living that you should always follow is to stop wasting energy and water and only start the dishwasher when the unit is full. This way you not only help save the planet due to the fact that you clean your dishes more efficiently, but you help yourself by not overpaying on your utility bills.


Probably the most important concept of sustainable green living is recycling. It’s a process that makes new materials out of used materials that have been broken down into raw materials. You can recycle by sorting your trash and throwing it in the special containers that have the recycle sign on them. Also, when a device, a gadget, or an appliance doesn’t work anymore, don’t throw it away. Take it to a person that can salvage as much of the item as possible or even fix it and reuse it to make sure that you are not participating in the pollution of our planet.

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