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Living on campus might be exactly what you need to turn your college years into an unforgettable experience. But life in the hall residence might not always be easy and sometimes you might find yourself facing some real challenges. These tips will help you turn your college years into a memorable experience.

Get Familiar with Your Surroundings 

After you have settled in your room, grab a campus map and go explore the surroundings. This will help you figure out where all the important buildings are, before having to panic and run form one class to another. Knowing where you can grab something to eat or a coffee in the morning, as well as figuring out the shortest path to the library will smooth out your freshman year and make your college experience less hectic and more rewarding.

Befriend Your Roommates

Living with a roommate can be challenging, but can also turn into a wonderful experience. Getting to know each other early on, as well as discussing rules and boundaries can make your stay better and more enjoyable for both of you. The key is to respect each other’s lifestyle and differences and maybe you can even turn it into an everlasting experience.

Get Involved on Campus

This is probably the best way to make the most out of your college experience. Consider joining clubs, study groups and other student activities that fit your interest and can help you connect with people who share the same view as you. Getting a job on campus is another way to get active on campus and also make some extra cash. There are plenty of options to choose from, from tutoring to campus cafeteria. Another way to make some extra money on campus is to join a note-sharing platform. One Class is one of them and is rewarding students who upload complete course notes. According to, the company was founded in 2010 and has since helped thousands of students prepare for their college exams.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Life on campus can be quite the fantasy you were hoping for and that can make things get out of control pretty easy. Living in a miniature town with people your age can quickly make you forget why you are actually there. While it is ok to get involved in activities, meet new people and have some fun in your college years, don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to learn and prepare yourself for a brighter future. Take things easy and work your way towards finding balance between studying and having fun.

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