How to turn to an eco-lifestyle

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Many people don’t quite do much for the mother nature, except for maybe recycling, either because they don’t know what to do or they find it very hard. This stereotype is all around the globe, even though there are a few countries that have special programmes on teaching the population how to live an ECO lifestyle. There is, however, a bunch of easy ways to gradually turn to an environment friendly living even though we are not aware of it. As you have to start somewhere with everything, baby steps are the most effective.


If you’re not already doing it, recycling your trash is not actually as hard as it seems. It can be fun as well, because you can find another purpose for the things that you’d normally throw in the bin. You can turn plastic bottles into nice and fun decorations by painting, cutting, heating and bending the material and it can be a fun activity to do with kids. Other than that, there’s the well-known garbage selection that you can do in your own home, which is actually mandatory by law in some countries and states.

Reduce the use of plastic

We started mass manufacturing plastic in the ‘50s and we didn’t stop ever since. It is actually the most common thing you can find and it’s everywhere from food to clothing. Almost every package in supermarket is plastic and it one way or another protects every product you find. However, some manufacturers are trying to cut off the usage of plastic and replace it with paper or nothing at all. You can cut it off yourself by not buying plastic bags when you shop, finding clothes and fabrics made from natural materials, even ribbons for your everyday use on You should know that the plastic used on the whole planet has a high CO2 imprint and it takes from 500 to 1000 years for it to degrade.

Save all the energy you can

You can start with transportation, turning to the public service, buying a bicycle or even an electrical car to reduce the CO2 produced by regular cars. Electricity can also save the planet little by little and can even reduce the bills considerably. So turn off the lights when you’re not using them, when you go away or when you sleep, change the regular light bulbs to LEDs, defrost clean up your fridge more often so it runs more efficiently. You can even save water by changing the way you’re using it when you wash the dishes or take a shower.


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