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If you are lucky enough to have your own private garden, it would be a shame not to share its beauty with the rest of the world. Or maybe you’re a natural green thumb looking to start your own gardening business. In both cases, learning to take great photos of your garden can help you showcase your passion and talent for growing plants and landscaping.

However, your photography skills might not match your gardening skills, making it a bit difficult for you to capture the beauty of your garden in pictures. This means you can either search for a professional fotograf elverum to do the job for you, or you can work on improving your photography skills. If the second option sounds better to you, we have a few tips that can help you out.

Choose different subjects 

While most gardeners focus on taking photos of their flowers, don’t forget that there are plenty of other things in your garden that can make great photography subjects. Just take a look around and you’ll see there are countless elements you can capture in your photos. From plants and fruits, to pots, garden tools, garden décor or the garden as a whole, the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Take photos early in the morning or at sunset

Taking awesome photos is not just about choosing your subjects, but also about choosing the best time of the day to shoot and learning how to use lighting to your advantage. Lighting is an essential element in photography, as it can change the tone, mood and atmosphere of your compositions. The ideal moment for taking garden photos is early in the morning or at sunset, when the sun is not too bright and you can avoid harsh shadows, making your job a lot easier.

Join a photography course

If you feel the need to take your passion for photography one step further and take even better pictures of your garden, you can join a photography class and learn directly from a professional fotograf who knows exactly how to guide you. There are tips and tricks that experienced photographers can teach you that you won’t find in the books or articles you read online. Also, photography courses give you the opportunity to ask questions and ensure a customized learning experience. 

Practice and then practice some more

Just as with any other skill you want to develop or improve, practice makes perfect. This means you have to grab your camera and shoot whenever you have the opportunity. It doesn’t matter if your garden photos are not great all the time, it’s all part of the learning process. As long as you have the patience and determination, your photo skills will definitely improve over time.

Learn to edit

When conditions are not great and your photos don’t turn out exactly as you wanted, you can still achieve awesome results by learning how to edit them. This might sound complicated, but there are plenty of photo editing tools and programs online suitable for beginners, allowing you to edit your photos without much hassle. 



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