How to Survive the Heat without an A.C. Unit

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Air conditioning units cost a lot to purchase and to operate. Also, they harm the environment and they can harm your health as well. If you want to survive the summer heat without using an air conditioning unit, there are plenty of alternatives that you can use. Read the following lines and find out what other options you have to fend off the unbearable heat.

Use the Brookstone Mighty Max tower fan

A great alternative to using an air conditioner is to use a tower fan. Based on several tower fans comparison websites, it seems that the Brookstone Mighty Max is one of the best tower fans on the market that you can use to cool your home and yourself. You can buy it for the small price of $100. It’s extremely quiet when it operates.

You can cool off a large or medium-sized room with it. You can set the unit to run for up to 8 hours, time after which it shuts off automatically. It comes with a remote control for ease of use. It has a stylish design that makes it a great addition to any room that you place it in. It’s easy to move it from room to room due to the fact that it only weighs 14 pounds. Also, it oscillates to cool off the room in which you place it fast. If you look for an online tower fans comparison, you will see that this particular fan, has the most efficient features, compared to other products in its price range.

Let the cool night air enter your bedroom

It’s practically impossible to sleep if the temperature in the bedroom is high. You will sweat during the night and you will wake up feeling tired, sweaty and thirsty. An efficient and Eco-friendly method that you can use to keep the bedroom cool during summer is to open the windows during the night. You will allow the cool night air to enter your bedroom to provide with the perfect environment to sleep in. The best part is that you don’t have to invest in anything and you won’t consume energy either if you use this method.

Close the windows and the blinds during the day

When it’s hot outside, most of the heat will enter your home through the windows. That is the reason why you should keep the windows and the blinds closed during the day. The indoor temperature will drop considerably if you do this. It’s a method that won’t cost you a dime to use. In addition, it’s Eco-friendly due to the fact that you don’t use anything to keep cool by closing the windows and the blinds.

Be smart about what you drink and what you wear

A great trick that you can use to survive the heat is to focus on the temperature of your body instead of focusing on the temperature of your home. Make sure that you always have a refreshing iced drink around you from which you can sip when you’re feeling hot. If you can’t stand the heat anymore, apply a cold cloth to the strong pulsed areas of your body like the neck and the wrists. To keep cool you should be careful about what you wear as well. Avoid wearing tight clothes and clothes that have thick fabrics. If you’re a woman, you should wear dresses that are a bit loose and if you’re a man you should wear shirts and short jeans.

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