How to stay safe in the era of the Internet of Things

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If you’re updated with the latest news, you may have heard that cybercriminals spy people through home appliances and baby monitors. Also, it looks that several mart locks failed to function properly after the user updated the software. Cybercriminals often use malware to steal private data and spy people through webcams.

With the Internet of Things gaining more and more popularity daily, people should be aware that they also pose themselves to a risk if they don’t learn how to protect their data and lives. The smart devices they use daily to access their possessions and control their houses have access to their personal details, and if they reach in the wrong hands, they can put the user’s safety at risk.

Gone are the days when cybercriminals needed physical access to a device to infect it with malware or a virus. The internet makes it quite easy for cybercriminals to attack millions of devices at once. Each of the devices connected to the internet you use offers cybercriminals a point of access, and if one gets compromised, all your personal data can get leaked on the web.

Here are some things you can do to stay safe in the era of the Internet of Things.

Secure your home network

The easiest way to protect your IoT devices is to secure the home network. You can find more about datasikkerhet if you research online. You can follow several steps to secure your data and keep cybercriminals at bay. First, install the latest router firmware and change the default password with a complex one. Then hide the network so no one can see it when scanning for nearby connections. And don’t forget to change the Wi-Fi password with one hard-to-crack because you may never know who tries to connect to your network.

Create a guest network for your IoT devices

It’s essential to learn more about informasjonsikkerhet if you use Internet of Things technology because they can facilitate a cyberattack. If you create a guest network for these devices you ensure no one can access your sensitive data in case a cybercriminal attacks one of them.

Manage your IoT devices

If you use Smarthusløsninger devices you should consider all the scenarios we discussed above and figure out how a cybercriminal may use them against you. To do this you need to research before purchasing a device to ensure it comes with cybersecurity properties that protect you from attacks. Make sure you turn off microphones and cameras when you don’t use them to protect your safety and privacy. Accept all software updates because they enhance your gadgets’ level of security. Use strong passwords for all devices and accounts and try to vary them from one to another.    

Use a VPN

A VPN can protect you from online threats. If you install a reputable one it secures your internet connection, protects your privacy, and encrypts your data. Install a VPN on your internet-connected devices if you use them in public places and connect to public networks.




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