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 Nurturing a green and more sustainable logistics business benefits not only the environment but also your business. You’ll reduce some of your costs in some areas of your business, increase your efficiency, and will win the hearts of eco-friendly consumers. 

Here are some tactics to make your logistics business greener, from analyzing your transportation network to going paperless and reducing your waste. 

Measure your transportation carbon footprint

Today, there are many ways to transport goods from one part of the world to another, including via ocean, truck, rail or air. But, the greenest method of them all is to ship via ocean freight because it has the lowest carbon-emission. 

Now, whether or not you are using shipments via the ocean, besides calculating transport Cost Allocation, you need to calculate your carbon emissions, no matter the transportation method you use. By doing so, you can identify where you are producing the most emissions and then look for specific solutions to reduce them.  

Go paperless in areas where it’s possible

By its nature, the logistics industry generates massive amounts of paper waste due to all the packaging used to safely deliver the packages to customers and because of the various documents used to keep track of deliveries and packages. 

Now, as you can imagine, a tiny amount of this paper waste is recycled correctly. The rest of it goes to landfills producing even more damage to our planet. Thus, one tactic that you should consider is going paperless in those areas of your business where it is possible. 

How do you go paperless? By going digital. You can equip your carriers with digital devices such as tablets or smartphones to use for keeping track of deliveries and having access to customer data, and they can generate Fakturakontroll a lot easier. Going digital with tools such as 3pl software won’t only reduce your business’s paper waste but will also increase your team’s efficiency. 

Correct problems that generate more waste than normal

Sometimes your business may produce more waste than usual because it has some problems. For example, if your product’s packaging fails to keep it from breaking or spoiling, this not only consumes resources from your business but also produces more waste than it should. 

Think of this kind of problem as drivers of waste. Identify them and correct them so that your business will be more eco-friendly. 

Use alternative fuel

The logistics industry is one of the most significant contributors to global environmental problems, from producing massive amounts of waste to leaving a huge carbon footprint on our planet. And, one of the factors contributing is the fuel used by logistics companies in their transports. 

If you want to be the change you wish to see in the industry, you need to start using alternative fuel options that are a lot less damaging for our environment. 

There are a number of choices available when it comes to alternative fuel options. Yet, biodiesel is the most readily available, and the best part of it all is that it does not require any engine modifications. So, your trucks can easily switch off between biodiesel and diesel. 

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