How to Make Tap Water Safe for Drinking

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We need water to survive, but the problem is that tap water is filled with contaminants. Every time you drink tap water you allow the entrance of harmful and toxic contaminants in your body. To take better care of your health and to ensure that you are drinking contaminant-free water from the tap, there are certain solutions that you can turn to. Therefore, if you want to find out how you can make tap water safe for drinking, read the following lines.

Use the kangen sd501 water ionizer

Alkaline ionized water is renowned for the health benefits that it brings. Clean your tap water of all the contaminants that lurk in it and drink healthy alkaline ionized water daily by installing the Kangen sd501 water ionizer. It might be a little up there in price, costing $3,890, but it’s worth every penny. Study the Kangen sd501 review and you will see for yourself that this is an investment for your long term health. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make it. It provides you with 5 healthy water options that include clean water with a 7pH level, acidic water, strong acidic, Kangen alkaline water and Strong Kangen water.

Use Aquatabs water purification tablets

A fast and efficient method to provide with contaminant-free water is to use the Aquatabs water purification tablets. You can buy a pack that contains 100 pieces for the small price of $20. All you have to do when you filter your drinking water with the Aquatabs water purification tablets is to put them in the water and wait 30 minutes for the purification effect to take place. After the time passes, you can enjoy the contaminant-free water. The best part is that these tablets don’t leave any unpleasant odor or smell behind. Also, they are not dangerous to your health.

Use the Aqua-Pure AP-RO5500 water filter

For $600 you can buy the Aqua-Pure AP-RO5500 under counter water filter. The fact that it’s an under counter unit brings nothing but benefits. You won’t occupy any of your precious counter space with it and it won’t be in plain sight, ruining the appearance of your beautiful kitchen. The cartridges of the AP-RO5500 have a long life span of up to 12 months. It can reduce approximately 13 contaminants that lurk in your tap water. You don’t need the help of a professional plumber to install it because it’s an easy process. It has a temperature range between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the water pressure range of the AP-RO5500 is between 30 PSI and 125 PSI.

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