How Contaminated is the U.S Drinking Water?

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Tap water in the U.S can contain a vast array of chemicals and most of them are dangerous for your health. The most common contaminants are: bacteria, organic, inorganic and different chemicals like fluoride. If you are curious to find out how contaminated are the water sources in the U.S and what are the health concerns that these contaminates impose on our health, read this article.


Lead can enter out water supplies from plumbing fixtures and pipes that suffer corrosion. If your drinking water contains lead, it’s advisable to take measures and install a water filter that has been certified to remove lead from water. If left untreated, lead can cause brain damage in children and infants, so it’s recommended to use a water filter or replace the corroded plumbing fixtures if possible.


Germs can make people with weakened immune systems sick but they also represent a hazard for healthy people as well. The best solution would be to use a water filter to remove germs and bacteria from drinking water. Pick a water filter that has the ability to remove germs from water, but considering the fact that most water filtration systems are effective at removing pathogens from tap water, you won’t face any difficulties when deciding on a good water filter. Our recommendation would to opt for a water filter that includes a UV system or one that uses the reverse osmosis technique.

Pharmaceutical substances

There are many pharmaceutical substances that pollute U.S drinking water and according to some studies, there have been found small concentrations in drinking water from several cities in the U.S, affecting almost 41 million Americans. PPCPs (Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products) are substances found in drinking water in a tiny concentration and although most of them are filtered out, some traces are still found in tap water in the U.S.


Fluoride can enter citywater from natural sources, such as rocks that contain fluoride. Although fluoride is not that damaging to human health, in high concentrations it can be dangerous. For children it can cause tooth enamel fluorosis and it can also increase the risk of bone fractures.


Microorganisms are also on the list of harmful contaminants that are found in U.S drinking water. These small microscopical microbes can cause allergies, infections and other diseases, so it’s recommended to avoid drinking contaminated water. Considering the fact the microorganisms are invisible to the human eye, your best solution would be to use a water filter that includes a HEPA filter to filter out even the tiniest particles.

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