Great ways to organise your ribbon collection

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Ribbons are versatile items to use either for Christmas decorating, gift wrapping or making crafts. If you are a DIY enthusiast or you enjoy creating unique decorations using ribbons, then you probably have a lot of them laying around the house. With so many beautiful ribbon rosettes UK found on the market, it is no wonder why you have built up an entire collection. Here are a few ways you can organize your ribbons:


A shoebox can be the perfect place to store away your ribbon collection and you definitely have one you do not use somewhere around the house. Wrap the box in some colourful paper, if the shoebox does not already have a nice design, and make sure it is in a perfect condition. Measure the box beforehand to be certain that it is large enough to store all your ribbon supplies. If you do no longer have the ribbons’ original rounds, use cardboard to create some circular holder. Buy some eyelets and eyelet punches, in a size suitable for each ribbon holder. Use a craft knife to make some holes and attach the eyelets and eyelet punches. Pull the ribbons out slightly through the eyelets, put the lid on and voilà, you have the perfect ribbon storage.

Plastic basket

Another great way you can organise your ribbons is by using a plastic basket. Look online for a plastic basket with holes, if you do not already have one around the house. Place the ribbons rounds in the basket, side by side, creating two rows and pull each ribbon through different holes. Place the basket somewhere you can reach it easily. This is probably the easiest, yet most convenient ribbon organiser.

Coat hanger

For this organising idea, you will need a coat hanger that has multiple tiers. Buy the biggest one you can find on the market. Attach each one of your ribbon rolls across the tiers and you are finished. Make sure the tiers of the coat hanger undo before buying it.

Ribbon jars

Everyone has some old jars that they probably do not use. Collect as many jars as you can find for this organising idea. Unroll the ribbon from its circular holder and insert it into the jar. Let the ribbon swirl naturally. Make sure you have a jar for each ribbon colour and pattern, and create a beautiful display. This idea is easy and it will look beautiful.

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