Gas VS Charcoal Grills – Which is Better for the Environment

Since summer is right around the corner and the grilling season is about to start, we thought it would be helpful to have a look at how environmentally friendly gas and charcoal grills are, so you will know which one to use. Sophisticated gas grills such as the Weber Spirit E 210 are quite amazing, but how exactly do they affect the environment? Depending on some aspects that influence their operating, we have decided which of the two types is better for the environment.

    • You might be tempted to believe that charcoal grills are the most environmentally friendly option because charcoal comes from a renewable resource. Actually, the charcoal you use for heating up your grill is a mixture of elements like sawdust, wood by-products, corn starch, lighter fluid, and other additives like borax or limestone, which doesn’t seem like an Eco friendly combination at all. When burned, this type of charcoal can produce around 11 pounds of carbon dioxide in an hour, which is the double of the emissions caused by gas grills. Moreover, charcoal also emits volatile organic compounds that can cause cancer and breathing problems. A healthier version is the lump charcoal that is a greener type made of hardwood material and doesn’t contain any chemicals. While burning, natural charcoal emits no carbon dioxide and makes less smoke, but having lump charcoal at your local store means it has been shipped from far away, which increases its carbon footprint.
    • Gas grills are based on gas that comes from non-renewable fossil fuels, which automatically makes it look less environmentally friendly. But at a closer look, you will be surprised to know that gas grills only emit 5.5 pounds of carbon dioxide in an hour, which makes them less harmful to the environment. Plus, gas grills don’t create smoke filled with VOCs that endanger your health and the gas they use comes from a closer source without the need for shipping from thousands of miles away. Another advantage is that you can always turn the gas grill off as soon as you have finished grilling or if you are taking a break. The fire from the charcoals can’t be extinguished and reignited later on, so you will have to keep it lit until you finish grilling. If you decide on buying a gas grill, we recommend the Weber Spirit E 210, as it offers the most convenience for the most affordable price.

Bottom line, gas grills are better for the environment, although they use a fossil fuel because they release less harmful emissions into the air. Unless you are using natural charcoal that can be considered the most environmentally friendly, you should opt for the more Eco friendly gas grill.

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