Does your house need advanced security? Tips to feel safe at home

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Your home is, without any doubt, your most valuable asset, so it’s normal to be concerned about its safety.

Although it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever be the victim of a robbery, learn that burglars are common nowadays. Thus, the well-known method of “hide-the-key” needs to be forgotten, as there are way more ways to protect your home from malicious actors.

Here are some practical recommendations you can follow to know your home is safe in any circumstance:

Install an alarm system

Maybe the #1 rule to follow when it comes to security is not to keep valuables in plain sight, but this is not possible more often than not. So, you need solutions. Installing an alarmsystem might be a good idea, especially if you suspect thieves and burglars popularize the area you live in. Maybe the security system won’t make housebreakers stay away from the house, but it will give them food for thought, acting as a deterrent.

Fit secure locks

Locks are probably one of the most efficient ways to protect your home from uninvited visitors. You’ll be surprised to discover how many burglars try their luck by entering your property through the front entrance. So, the most protected area of your home should definitely be the entrance. Consider upgrading your locks and making them impossible to get forced. It would also be helpful to contact an alarmselskap to have an alarm system in place. With high-security locks and a sound alarm system, your home would be far less prone to robbery.

Make sure you lock the windows since these are usually the weakest entry points. These locks can be adjusted to both basement and first-floor windows; if you believe an intruder wouldn’t get to that point, think twice, they’re creative enough to break in even from the second floor.

Use thorny scrubs, climbing roses, and hedges as barriers

While fences and walls might be effective, they don’t give those desired results to experienced burglars. Trees and shrubs with vicious thorns like gorse and berberis, hawthorn, and flowering quince might be ideal for keeping burglars away from your house. We guarantee that chances for someone to go through sharp thorns just to steal something from your home are improbable.

Don’t let them know you’re gone

If you frequently leave home for extended periods, it would be helpful to keep your house just as there is always someone to take care of it. Learn that malicious individuals first analyze the movements around the house before breaking in. So, ask a trustworthy neighbor to take care of your property while you’re gone. They don’t need to do complicated chores but just mow your lawn and collect mail. Pay also attention to your appliances – some might need to be turned off when you’re far away from home. A heat pump like Toshiba Daiseikai 9, for example, is a power-saving appliance, so even if you forget to turn it off for a couple of days, it won’t consume much.

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