Disposable Razors – Bad for Your Skin and Bad the Environment

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Disposable razors are very easy to use and convenient. You simply use it to get rid of facial or body hair and then throw it in the garbage can. However, disposable razors are made of hard plastic that takes years to disintegrate, so you might want to think twice when starting your shaving routine. Read this following article if you want to learn why this shaving method is considered to be the most damaging for your skin and the environment.

Plastic takes a lot of time to disintegrate

The number one disadvantage of using a disposable razor is the fact that plastic generally takes years and years to biodegrade. Petroleum-based plastics are not transformed by bacteria in the soil into good compounds, as in the case of organic materials. The creation of razors has a harmful impact on our planet. If you don’t like using other methods for shaving, you can at least consider using razors that come with recyclable handles and carriers. A better alternative would be to use a manual razor that is made of a durable metal, to ensure that it will last for the years to come. Use an all-metal razor that allows you to keep the handle and replace only the blade. This way you can have a clean and good shave, without making too much waste.

Regular razors require foam and water

As compared to an electric razor that allows you to have a perfect shave without using even the smallest amount of shaving cream, the traditional disposable razor requires foam and water. If you are en environmentally conscious person, try to minimize the consumption of water and avoid using can shaving creams or foams, because the cans are in most cases made of materials that take a lot of time to biodegrade.

By using a disposable razor you can get coarser hair

Using a manual razor every day is not recommended because razors can cause your facial hair to have a rough texture, which is something you’re not wishing to get after a long shaving routine. Although at first, you won’t be troubled by this minor issue, over time it can make the hair even more difficult with a regular razor. When this happens, it’s very likely to get itchy skin, cuts and scar your skin.

Use an electric shaver instead

To help protect the environment, consider investing in an electric shaver. With an electric shaver, you don’t have to use water or shaving creams that can pollute even more the environment. Moreover, electric shaver are made of high quality materials, so your shaver will last for many years, as compared to a disposable razor that can only be used once. Once you decide to make this responsible change in your life, stop by the electricshavers.reviews site. There you will find more information on electric shavers, so that you can choose s shaver that suits your skin and your beard hair. There shavers specifically designed for sensitive skin or for coarse beard hair.

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