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The most pressing issue in the 21st century society and lifestyle is the climate change. The reason this happens is that for a very long time people developed unnatural and toxic habits without realizing the effects they had on the environment and now, we have to struggle with rushing changes that happen to it on any aspect. The good thing is that humanity finally saw what happened to Mother Nature and now people are trying to make it better by improving their lifestyle in many ways and slowly cleaning the tens of years’ worth of mess, lately produced by pure ignorance. The bad news is that what currently happens is not enough, but there is potential so, education is the key. If you want to be among the people that want to help the nature heal, but you don’t know where to start, there are a few things that you can do in the beginning.


There is a very popular subject nowadays that is being debated in various circumstances and that is the concept of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Reusing or repurposing is a very effective thing to do around the house because this way you will reduce the amount of waste and rubbish you throw away. There is a very popular wave of small or big DIY projects that people do around the house, either it is with furniture or empty containers like bottles, cans or jars. All of these can make beautiful decorations if you exploit your creativity and imagination for a bit. So instead of buying new furniture, for example, you can repair and repaint old cabinets, reupholster a damaged armchair or sofa or turn empty water bottles in flowerpots or decorative objects.

Store away

You might own some extra things that you don’t currently need and that are staying in the way of you living the green life. In order to get rid of those and declutter your house, you can put them away in one of those storage units Surrey for whoever long you want. You might find a new purpose for them or you can just give them away to a friend, relative or someone less fortunate, but until that happens, it is better to keep them somewhere safe because just throwing them away would just mean producing more waste than you planned initially.

Home improvements

Reusing old furnishings and other objects is not enough for turning your home eco-friendly, so you might want to turn to some home improvement activities. Having a green home also means saving energy and that can be done in several ways. The simplest thing is to just change the incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs that consume far less electricity. Then you should know that most of the energy is wasted by losing heat or thermic comfort in general. In order to stop that you should look into some more energy efficient windows and doors and ultimately insulation for the entire house, but especially for the roof, because that is the main place that loses all that energy. By doing those things, the central heating system won’t start that often.

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