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 Getting married is one of the most important and magical moments in your life so you want to make sure that everything is just perfect on the Great day. However, planning everything can be very stressful and confusing especially when you have so many choices and things to take into consideration.

Themed wedding parties have become very popular and trendy these days so we have prepared some of the best ideas to help you find your ideal theme for the big party.

1.      Vintage theme

Vintage never actually goes old so you cannot mess it up if you choose vintage as a theme for your wedding party. Vintage can bring your wedding party in an extravagant and luxurious note. If you are a romantic person you can choose a Jane Austen type of party and choose the outfits accordingly, suits and top hats for men and long vintage dresses for women. Do not forget about vintage hairstyles that will make the outfits be complete, curly hair accessorized with a silky wedding ribbon UK will take you back in time. You and your groom can use a horse-drawn carriage to show up at the party and I assure you that you will feel like a real princess.


2.      Rustic or garden party

              If you are a nature lover and a traditional type of person, a rustic or garden party themed wedding party is exactly what you need. Choose a large backyard or an intimate barn and decorate everything with a rural vibe. Wood should be the center of your themed party, wooden chairs and tables will surely contribute to the rustic atmosphere. You can also use calligraphed rocks as paper escort cards. Make sure you use a lot of flowers and natural decorations instead of plastic or paper decorations because after all nature is the central theme of your party.


3.      Beach party

Crashing waves, summer breeze and the open blue sky is surely a dream party for the big day. White dresses and bare feet on the warm sand can make your wedding day magical. And most important is that with such a background you do not even have to decorate the place that much. Anchors and shells should be in the middle of your decorating ideas for your wedding cake and invitations.


4.      Lavender

Lavender is seen as a symbol of love and peace and it is said that it brings good luck. Moreover, the beautiful delicate color will make your wedding day be covered in a relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful calming smell will release all the stress you have been going through with all the planning for the big day. It is obvious that a lavender themed wedding will also help you with choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet. In addition, you will know for sure what color will be the dressed for your bride mates.



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