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Every year, more robotic vacuum cleaners appear and the market for them gets bigger. But a lot of people join the fight to save our planet as well. If you lead an Eco-friendly lifestyle yourself, you should read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the best Eco-friendly robot vacuum cleaners on the market. By using any of them you will enjoy the perks of not having to vacuum yourself and you will protect the environment while doing it as well.

Yujin EX 500

If you’re looking for a great robotic floor cleaner that is Eco-friendly as well, look no more. The amazing Yujin EX 500 is the best choice for you. You will spend only $450 to buy it. In addition to vacuuming your floors and carpets, this device can mop them as well. It has a 15 sensor monitor that maps the surface of your rooms. This way, it’s able to find the shortest path to clean them and it knows where obstacles are placed to avoid colliding with them. It’s extremely powerful and quiet while operating. Also, it’s able to pick up pet hair from the fibers of your carpets.

bObsweep PetHair

The bObsweep PetHair is an Eco-friendly robotic vacuum cleaner that you can have for the price of $670. It might be a little up there in price, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it. It has a gorgeous design. As it’s said in the name, it is the ideal choice for those who have pets. Other models aren’t able to vacuum the stubborn pet hairs from the fibers of the carpet. What differentiates this robotic floor cleaner from the other models on the market is the fact that it has a superior suction power that enables it to take care of all types of debris. A great thing about the bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum cleaner is that if you want to take matters into your own hands, you can use the remote to guide it. In addition, it’s able to do more than simply vacuum your floors. It can sweep, mop, and sterilize them as well.

Neato Botvac 75

For the price of $480, you can lay back and watch the Eco-friendly Neato Botvac 75 vacuum your floors and carpets for you. It’s a high-performance robotic vacuum cleaner that works best for picking up allergens and dust. The laser-guided technology of this robot vacuum cleaner scans and maps the room to clean it in the most efficient way possible. It has a large brush that helps it clean faster and more effectively. In addition, you can schedule it to start cleaning every day at a certain hour. This way you will find your floors and carpets already clean when you return home from work.

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