Are Massage Chairs Eco Friendly

In a world where the care for the environment decreases every day, it’s best that you take a closer look at the items you buy in order to support a greener industry. Given that massage chairs have started to enter the market, it’s a good thing to analyze them in order to determine how environmentally friendly they are. To clarify the Eco friendly matter of massage chairs, we have analyzed them in detail and our conclusion is presented below.

  • The main concern regarding massage chairs is the high electricity consumption While not in use, massage chairs should be turned off in order to avoid energy waste. Since they operate on electricity and they run on a powerful motor, it’s best that you take this detail into account when you use a massage chair. A good Eco friendly massage chair should include an automatic shut off that will stop the power consumption when the device is not being used so the electricity will be saved. Most massage chairs come with short programs that last a few minutes in order to minimize the energy consumption and to avoid energy waste during long massage sessions. However, massage chairs are massive units that require far more energy than other smaller similar devices.
  • In terms of design, not all the massage chairs are environmentally friendly since not all of them are made of organic materials. The less expensive versions like the sunpentown sf-608r are made of cheap synthetic materials that have nothing to do with protecting the environment. Although the sunpentown sf-608r review doesn’t say anything about harmful emissions, there are some toxins released into the air and the materials used degrade very quickly. When shopping for a massage chair, look for a quality version made of good materials like bonded leather or organic cotton. Avoid models that include synthetic foams that have been treated with plenty of chemical substances because these are the most toxic to the environment.
  • Bottom line, not all the massage chairs are Eco friendly as not all of them have been designed with care for the environment in mind. While some of them are actually very consuming and consist of toxic synthetic materials, others are very well designed and help you protect the environment. There are some manufacturers that put all their efforts in designing quality massage chairs with Eco friendly features, although few of the models available can be considered as environmentally friendly. If you are interested in an environmentally friendly massage chair, your best options remains seeing a therapist for a massage.

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