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While the refrigerator is a must-have in any kitchen, the dishwasher and the electric dryer are often avoided because they are considered to be unnecessary energy vampires. We decided to break that myth with the following models that include great energy saving features.

Liebherr CBS2062

This refrigerator is a low-consuming model that only requires 450 kWh per year with an estimated operating cost of only $50, which is great if you consider that it’s a large french door refrigerator that offers almost 20 cu ft of storage space. It has a large refrigerator compartment with two wide doors that can be opened separately and plenty of storage bins and crisper drawers that ensure everything is kept within reach. It has BioFresh Drawers that ensure the best temperature and humidity level at the best energy cost. The operating is based on a dual refrigeration system consisting of two separate speed compressors that provide the optimal cooling performance to the freezer and the refrigerator. This means that the low temperatures inside the two areas are created separately so opening the refrigerator door will not influence the temperatures inside the freezer. This way, the unit will work less to create the proper refrigerating environment.

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC

This unit is an Energy Star qualified that will be a great addition to your kitchen without increasing your electricity bill. According to the bosch shx68t55uc ratings, this dishwasher consumes only 259 kWh per year, which results in an estimated operating cost of only $27. It includes some excellent features that increase its performance while minimizing the washing time and the amount of energy required. It comes with an eco-friendly wash cycle that lowers the temperature and reduces the amount of time dedicated to washing the dishes so it will use less water and less electricity.

Bosch – WTG86401UC

Although clothes dryer can’t be considered as energy-saving appliances because all they do is use power to heat the air inside them so the clothes will come out dried fast, there are some models that have received the Energy Star label because they use far less power than other dryers. This unit uses only 311 kWh per year and offers a great performance with 4 temperature settings and 15 dry cycles. The moisture sensor it uses to detect how dried the clothes are, prevents energy waste by shutting it down when the clothes reach the right dryness.

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