3 Reasons to Try a One Month Plastic Free Challenge

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There are a lot of challenges floating around these days, but none of them is as important for the state of our planet as the one-month plastic free challenge. If you have already heard about it, but you’re not convinced about trying it yet, read the following lines. Here you will find out the 3 reasons why you have to try the one-month plastic free challenge.

1. You won’t participate in polluting the environment

One of the biggest pollutants of our planet is plastic. The accumulation of plastic adversely affects wildlife, the plants, the water, and it affects us humans as well. In Los Angeles alone, there are over 10 metric tons of plastic fragments thrown into the Pacific Ocean every single day. Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem that won’t ever stop if the people don’t try to stop themselves from consuming and throwing plastic residues randomly. If you participate in the one-month plastic free challenge, you won’t stop pollution overall, but at least, you won’t participate in it anymore. Also, your friends and family members will take notice of your decision and maybe they will join you as well.

2. You will save money

If pollution doesn’t convince you to take up the one-month plastic free challenge, maybe the issue of money will. The perfect example of spending money on something you use for a short period is the plastic water bottle. It’s one of the lead pollutants among the plastic pollution category. We are all concerned about the quality of the water that we drink. But instead of installing a water filter to drink healthy, clean water, we buy water bottles from the store. Bottled water is contaminated itself. Therefore, it’s not that big of an improvement if you drink it. Also, you spend in average 3000 times more on bottled water than you would on the same amount of tap water. The fact that you save money doesn’t stop here. Any product that is wrapped or packaged in plastic costs a lot more than it is actually worth. Also, due to the conditions in which it is transported and kept, its quality isn’t that great either.

3. You will lead a healthier life

As we mentioned before, plastic is a pollutant for the environment. This ultimately leads to it harming our health as well. If you buy single-use products, they will inevitably end up polluting the environment. The water that you drink is one of the victims of plastic pollution. Also, the water of the oceans will be polluted. This leads to plastic pollution affecting fish. Don’t think that the ground is safe either. The wildlife is affected as well. Due to the fact that everything that surrounds us is affected, we are inevitably affected too. Everything from the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, to the food that we eat is contaminated. Therefore, stop participating in this pollution and make an example out of yourself. If others follow as well, we can make a change.

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