Why buying an old car is more environmentally friendly than buying a new one?

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 Toyota made an analysis in 2004 in which they discovered that 28% of the carbon dioxide emissions a car is guilty of result from the manufacturing process. This means that when you encourage the car manufacturing industry by purchasing new cars, you damage significantly the environment you should be concerned about. Many claims that a used car is not an environmentally friendly option. But only by thinking about the fact that it already passed the manufacturing process and you don’t fuel the request on the market, already comes to combat that statement. This is why it is a great idea to start your search for used cars for sale in Dallas and see what the market has for you. Below are more reasons why choosing a used car is a better idea than purchasing a new one, from an environmental point of view.

Manufacturing and discarding – Two of the most damaging processes

We mentioned the fact that one of the most damaging processes in the automotive industry is the manufacturing process. When you choose to purchase a new car, you fuel the demand on the segment, thus manufacturers will increase their production. Thus, the environment will be significantly damaged by the incredible carbon dioxide emission resulted in the manufacturing process. But discarding all the vehicles owners give up yearly is equally damaging to the environment. If you choose to fuel the segment of used cars by purchasing such vehicles, you will not affect it in either way. The damage is already done, and you prevent further damage.

Fuel-efficient used car are the best idea

If you fear that a used car will consume more fuel than a new one, you might want to assess their fuel efficiency by using intelligent tools, which also assess the emission levels of a vehicle. They are available of each Government’s official website and they are a great tool for those who want to impact as insignificantly as possible the environment.

Keep in mind that when you buy a used vehicle the damage is already done. It true, but so is the fact that you impact more the environment with your decision of buying a brand-new, shiny vehicle and discarding your old one. Keep that in mind and you will accomplish your goal of making an eco-friendly decision.

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