What Causes Global Warming

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The biggest issue that is facing us right now is global warming. Its effects on the agriculture and on the animals are frightening, but the effects on the human population are even scarier. To be able to take action we must first understand what causes global warming. If you want to learn exactly what causes this phenomenon and to better understand it, read the following lines.

Fossil fuel burning power plants

Enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere because of the coal-burning power plants. Our increasing addiction to electricity is to blame for this cause of global warming. We don’t have widespread alternative energy sources yet. Therefore, we have to rely on the dangerous and toxic coal burning power plants for our personal and commercial electrical supply.


Around 33% of the carbon dioxide emissions in America are caused by cars and sourced goods. The problem is that as the number of people on Earth keeps growing, so does the number of cars and consumer goods. Therefore, the use of fossil fuel for manufacturing and transportation keeps on growing as well. As long as we don’t put an end to our excessive consume of goods and we don’t switch to driving environmentally friendly vehicles, we will continue to “feed” the global warming phenomenon.


There are a lot of reasons behind deforestation. The main reasons for deforestation are to use the forests for fuel, for manufacturing paper products, and for manufacturing furniture. Forests help our planet due to the fact that they remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Deforestation reduces the amount of carbon capture on the planet and it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. This is the reason why deforestation is one of the causes of global warming.

Chemical fertilizers

In the last 100 years, the use of chemical fertilizers has risen dramatically, the use of animal manure being an unpopular choice. Unfortunately, the high rate at which these toxic and dangerous fertilizers are being used has taken a toll on the heat storage of cropland. Also, the runoff of excess fertilizers destroys our oceans. In addition to these effects that have ultimately led to the appearance of global warming, the over-fertilization is cause for concern when it comes to human health as well. The damaging effects for our health are caused by the high levels of nitrate in groundwater.

Methane emissions

Methane ranks right behind carbon dioxide as being a potent greenhouse gas that is cause for global warming. The process through which methane is produced appears in rice paddies, in the intestines of herbivorous animals that are being used as livestock, and it’s released by the Arctic seabed as well. The release of methane into the atmosphere does nothing more but increase the rate of global warming.

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