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There is nothing new that people want to stretch their earlobe. It is an action that has its origins thousands of years ago, when ancient civilizations and tribes considered body modifications as part of their religion and culture. They preferred to enhance their beauty for traditional reasons. In present days, it is quite popular people of different genders and ages to stretch their earlobes. But there are times when this enhancement comes with some negative aspects. Some people complain that they have limited job options because of the way they look. Others deal with keloid scarring because of the stretching of the skin. There are times when the ear was not stretched too much and if you want to get back to your previous look, all you have to do is to take the plug out, and in time, the ear will go back to its normal size. But if your ear is stretched too much then you will have to consider the option of having a tribal earlobe repair, because this is the only way you will recover your look.

How earlobe repair surgery works?

When you will discuss with the surgeon they will inform you that the tribal earlobe repair is a simple procedure. In the majority of cases, the procedure does not take a long time, around 30 minutes for every one of the earlobes. Usually, the procedure is done under local anaesthesia. You will feel the initial injection, but the rest of the procedure is painless. Depending on the issue you are dealing with, the surgeon will decide what option is the best for you. After you have the procedure, and the healing process is complete, the scarring will disappear in time. Your ears should look normal in six months. And you should know that you cannot re-pierce your ears for at least six months from the surgery.

What options you have when it comes to earlobe repair

The doctor from Centre For Surgery will inform you that you have two options if you want to repair the stretched earlobes. In case your ears have holes with small diameters, then the surgeon will use a few stitches. In case the earlobe is stretched for more than 1.5 cm, then the doctor will have to remove the excess skin to create a natural shape for your ears. The flesh will be removed and the doctor will reshape and stich your ears.

Work with a qualified surgeon

When you want to have your ears repaired, you should make sure that you hire a qualified person to help you. It is important the doctor to have experience in tribal ear correction, so you should ask them how many procedures they have performed, and if there have been any complications with them. Also, you should talk with the doctor about the aftercare details, because you have to know from the beginning what the following period implies. Also, ask them what you should expect from in case anything goes wrong.

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