The Ten Main Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

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These days, bespoke adhesive products are available in basically endless shapes, varieties and sizes. The UK’s most reputable adhesive tape convertors are making enormous advances in terms of the most convenient, affordable and effective products the industry has ever experienced. Spanning a huge variety of sectors, businesses of any size are making the switch to bespoke adhesives and never looking back. But once again, it’s the ones making the switch to pressure sensitive adhesive tape in particular that are finding themselves enjoying a world of extraordinary benefits.

But what precisely is it about pressure sensitive adhesives that makes them an attractive option? Well, it comes down to the way these kinds of products are created from the ground up to make a huge variety of processes easier, safer, faster and much more affordable to carry out. Which is exactly why pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is being brought in to replace conventional welding, left, right and centre.

So for anyone who has yet to experience the difference high quality adhesives can make, here is a short overview of the 10 main benefits to expect after making the switch:

1 – Minimal Preparations

First up, the actual preparation process in terms of using pressure sensitive adhesives is absolutely minimal. Aside from ensuring the surfaces are totally clean and dry, there is basically no additional preparation needed. This in turn makes it so much easier to go straight to business and get the job done much easier and quicker.

2 – Fast Results

Speaking of much faster results, there is no comparison between traditional mechanical fixings and pressure sensitive adhesives in terms of convenience and speed. In cases where nails, screws, bolts and so on might have been previously used, high quality adhesives can achieve the same results in seconds.

3 – No Tools Needed

Another huge advantage of switching to high quality adhesives is the way no additional tools will be needed to go about the joining process. In the instance of both traditional welding and mechanical fixings, a great number of additional tools and equipment will always be necessary to get the job done. This means both additional expenses and complication – all of which could be avoided by switching to high quality adhesives.

4 – No Waste

Adhesive tapes also excel above comparable joining methods in the way they simply produce no waste whatsoever. Aside from the adhesive backing that will need to be removed to expose the adhesive, there is simply no waste and no mess created while using quality adhesive tapes.

5 – Low Costs

If compared to basically every other available method of joining materials, pressure sensitive tapes could be fantastically affordable. On a per-join basis, the cost of quality adhesives will always be much lower than that of mechanical fixings, welding and the large majority of sealants. Over time, adhesive tapes can lead to quite amazing savings.

6 – Supreme Convenience

By choosing to work with a reputable and experienced manufacturer, it is possible to order adhesive tapes that are already cut into the exact size and shape needed. This in turn will mean not only supreme convenience, but also total consistency and minimal waste from one join to the next.

7 – Great Health and Safety

Compared to other traditional approaches to bonding, pressure sensitive adhesives are also uniquely simple and safe to use. Basically no training is needed for anyone using adhesives to create bonds between materials, while the likelihood of injuries and accidents is also practically zero.

8 – Instant Bonding

While it is always necessary to wait some period of time for a standard adhesive to set, quality pressure sensitive adhesives bond surfaces in an instant. Which once again highlights their faster results and overall efficiency and output.

9 – Fantastically Lightweight

In terms of applications where it’s desirable to keep weight to a minimum, pressure sensitive adhesives are much lighter than any mechanical fixings. By switching to adhesives therefore, it is possible to reduce the overall weight of a variety of products quite incredibly.

10 – Custom Design

Last up, it’s perfectly possible to have a bespoke adhesive designed and produced in accordance with the precise requirements of the business ordering it. From the dimensions of the adhesive tape to the strength of the bond to the removability and so on, all requirements could be met with flawless precision for the lowest possible prices.

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