Make sure rain does not ruin your marquee wedding

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Organizing a wedding in a marquee is an idea that pleases numerous couples nowadays. They want to have a fairytale-like wedding that everyone invited will remember, so they take care of every little detail in order to make sure everything is perfect. It is worth mentioning that there are many companies in this industry that provide professional and high quality marquee hire services and Cameo Event Hire is only one very good example. However, many people are afraid of planning their wedding in a marquee thinking that the weather will ruin their Big Day, so here are some useful tips to make sure rain is not a problem.

Make sure the marquee has a wooden flooring system

When hiring a marquee company, it is recommended to ask them from the very beginning whether they provide wooden flooring system or not. You should choose a company that has this option available, because wooden floor boards allow rain to drain underneath them, thus saving you from trouble.

Opt for weather proof surface for paths

It is mandatory to have paths across grass, especially if the toilet is placed at a reasonable distance from the marquee. You do not want you or any of your guests to have to go through mud to get to the toilet, so you have to ensure proper paths to that site. If your budget allows, you can opt for covered, carpeted walkways for instance.

Join small marquees to the main one

If you want to avoid going outside the tent in order to reach the toilets, you can opt for incorporating it into a small marquee and then join it to the main tent. Consider a partially lined toilet block, with a lining that acts as a separator in order to create a distinct area such as a ladies power room where you can place some chairs and a mirror for example. It is for sure that your women guests will appreciate it.

Provide supplies of wellies and brollies

Another great idea to fight rain is to have a good supply of wellies and brollies for your guests if they must walk on the grass. If you really think it through, this is also a great way of having some fun, because it is for sure that your guests will want to take some funny pictures while they are all suited up and wear some colourful wellies.

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