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People tend to ignore the fact that there is a huge amount of water waste all around us. Yet, anyone would be amazed to hear that methods exist in order to reduce how much water is spent in a simple household. Have you ever thought about checking or fixing your plumbing system? If not, it means you have no idea how much water a minor issue with this system can consume. Details are the ones that really do make a difference in the way you are leaving. This is why you will want to read these tips on how to save water and live greener without much effort:

Check your plumbing system often

A bad plumbing system can be faulty for the loss of water in your house. Having it checked-up by a professional team might lead to great results. All you have to do is call a company of your choice and tell them what your issue is. Many people let this detail get away and the water bill starts being higher and higher monthly. A simple leak to a pipe in your bathroom or basement can mean thousands of dollars spent; keeping in mind that water constantly flows through it if it’s not going to be fixed.

Day-by-day actions

When you are showering, you should do it with an obvious purpose: cleaning yourself. Well, that will mean you won’t have to spend much time there. Try setting up a timer each time your shower and observe how much time you are actually spending showering and how much time you are spending simply wasting water. If you are a plant lover and your garden is full of beautiful flowers you like to water every day, you should definitely buy a trigger hoses. Continuous-flow hoses leak when you do not pay attention and this is why a trigger hose would do the job for you. Besides that, do your flower watering in the evening, rather than in the morning because this way you will avoid evaporation. Take into account that mulch reduces water evaporation and supresses weeds.


The kitchen accounts for 15% of a household’s entire level of water usage. In order to avoid that, try filling the sink with water and set it up with a plug so you will reduce water usage compared with running a tap. Also, since here you are spending most of your time, think about installing a water meter. Track your consumption level and enjoy the satisfaction after you managed to make it one step closer to saving nature and, implicitly, life on earth. Here is a mind-blowing fact: a tap that drips once-a-second wastes almost 30 000 gallons of water annually. In addition, you need to upgrade to a modern washing machine because these can save up to 60% water than an older one. Tap inserts and collecting rainwater to feed your plants rather than using fresh, drinkable one is just two of the solutions that will help you with this matter.

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