How to organise the perfect eco-friendly wedding

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Now that you are planning to have a family, it is time to consider caring more about the nature, because you have to be sure that when you will have children they will be living in a healthy environment. Therefore you can start the change in your life, with the wedding. Some small modifications will help you have an eco-friendly wedding, and you will have two reasons to celebrate in that day, your wedding and the fact that you are helping at the creation of a better world. The first aspect you should consider when organising an eco-friendly wedding is to purchase personalised ribbon for weddings, to create the wedding decorations and flower arrangements.

Set the tone

What better way of setting the tone of an eco-friendly wedding is than choosing the location? You can opt for an outdoor venue, which shows off the beauty of the environment and helps your guests understand how important is to keep it in a good state. You can use the ribbons you have purchased to transform it into a festive space. Create a ribbon arch, where to stay during the ceremony, and hang the ribbon from the branches of the trees, without cutting them.

Re-use a wedding dress

You might have heard that many women choose to wear the dresses of their mothers and grandmothers, and you can do the same if you want to have an eco-friendly wedding. This does not mean that you should wear it exactly in the form they had, because you can modify it, according to your taste. You can personalise it by adding it ribbon in the waist, or creating a big ribbon bow on the back. Some brides even choose to customise their wedding dress with a colourful ribbon stripe, for making it look more modern.

Use wild flowers

You might not know, but many of the farmers douse flowers with chemicals which harm the environment, and you should avoid buying flowers from such a supplier. Therefore, you should take your time to grow your own flowers for making the wedding bouquet and arrangements, or to go on a field and take wild flowers. They look amazing when they are placed in jars, wrapped with coloured ribbon. They will give a natural and fancy look to your wedding arrangements. For the bride’s bouquet you can use different type of flowers for making a big and beautiful bouquet, and you can let stripes of ribbon to flow down from the stems of the flowers, for achieving a more romantic look.

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