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You live in France but have no idea how to deal with all the pollution and dangerous factors that are surrounding you lately? Do not worry because there are solutions you can inform yourself about without any trouble. First of all, you have to make sure you know the basics of your health insurance system, given the fact that each country decides how it is granted or divided. After you did that, you can start thinking about ways and methods to live greener. Your body should be your temple and in order to achieve that you have to make your home a healthy sanctuary to spend you whole time in. Yes, it may sound difficult at first but living healthy is a must-do these days when nothing seems to go the way it should. Here is some little information about living healthy in the heart of France:


Health insurance

The health insurance in France is based on owning a Carte Vitale. The national health care system in France is sectioned into regimes (general, farm and self-employed) and it covers services such as sickness, family insurance, retirement, work insurance, occupational diseases and so on. Having your Carte Vitale set in place will mean living a healthy, safe life in France. Health insurance is the first thing that should pop in your mind when talking about a healthy life. If you want to understand more about demarche Carte Vitale Seine Saint Denis you need to gather more information about how the system works. There are specific details for each and every country’s health insurance process so make sure you search for yours.

Living green

Living green is not that difficult if you search in the right places. France is a great economical centre which will allow you to do almost anything you may think of. Health is highly related with the way you are living and that’s why you should track every action that needs a change. For instance, recycling water or composting the food and other wastes around your household is a great way to reduce environmental damage. Green power is something that became very popular during the last years and the government often sustains these changes with investments. Learn about opportunities in France and see if you are eligible for them.

Eating clean

In a country such as France where food is amazing and everyone travels just to try new dishes, it is quite hard to stay clean regarding what you are eating. Yet, you need to take care of your diet in order to remain healthy. This means you should avoid every kind of excess. Butter is an ingredient which instantly sends you to French cuisine, but consuming too much of it might lead to serious consequences. Consuming mostly just fruits and vegetables as much as you can, avoiding meet, avoiding pastry and so on sounds like torture but it is absolutely necessary. Cheat days are allowed from time to time to enjoy the exquisite dishes of the country you live in, so don’t worry.

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