How to Clean Your Pool Without Using any Chemicals

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Chlorine is a very effective and inexpensive disinfectant. However, it is aggressive to the skin and the smell is not necessarily pleasant. Chloramines, products of the reaction of chlorine and ammonia, are harmful to human health. Chlorine is widely used, but it is quite possible to clean the swimming pool without using chlorine or other disinfectants that contain chemicals. If you are interested in pool cleaning and you want to learn more about the most efficient methods such as the robotic pool cleaner, you can read more about it and discover some useful tips that will help you maintain a clean and safe pool. Moreover, you can read on to learn some practical cleaning methods.

Replace chlorine with bromine of PHBM

A chlorine-free pool can be disinfected with bromine or PHBM. Bromine is more reactive than chlorine. It is gentle to the skin, but it is an equally effective disinfectant. PHBM (Polyhexamethylene biguanide) is a good disinfectant but the drawback is that PHBM is rarer and more expensive. PHBM and bromine are not sensitive to changes in temperature or pH. They are stable and always effective.

Use ionization capsules

Maintain your pool with a system without chemicals like ChlorFree-AquaSmart. This system uses ionization capsules to keep the water of the pool pure and clean. This process is economical because it requires no plumbing or electricity to operate. This system is capable of maintaining a clean and free of algae and bacteria pool by ionization of the water. There is some evidence to suggest that certain health conditions can be improved by having contact with water which is ionized in the process. Use an electronic pH meter or a strip to test and control the degree of alkalinity or acidity of the water. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Add pH modifiers to adjust the chemical balance if necessary.

Use a Dolphin pool cleaner

One of the fastest and easiest method for picking up dirt and debris from your swimming pool is by using a robotic pool cleaner. This is considered to be an effective method because robotic pool cleaners feature one or two brushes that can scrub the dirt from the surface of the pool, including the walls, floors, and corners. In addition to that, with a good quality robotic pool cleaner, such as the Dolphin pool cleaner, you can clean and filter the pool water at the same time, thus achieving a crystal clear pool water.

The natural swimming pool: a pool without chemicals

If you want to take it a step further, you can build at home a natural pool. This is a great solution for those of you who are trying to make money savings because maintaining your pool with chemical-free methods is costly. This type of pool does not use any chemical or other free-chemical solutions: clean water is provided by a natural process of water filtration by plants.

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