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Every year, many students decide to go on study abroad programs in order to learn more on the subject that interests them the most from the best teachers in the domain. This means that they have to spend several hours a day in their rooms reading books or watching videos related to that specific subject and chances for them to get distracted and stop studying are quite high. Here are four steps to turn your student accommodation Newcastle into the perfect study environment.

Add some green plants

One of the things that should not miss from any student accommodation is flowers and plants. It is commonly known that green plants make the air cleaner, which is why you should add some potted plants to your room. Besides this aspect, they will also bring a unique, more pleasant touch to the room.

Paint the walls in the right colour

You should know that the colour of the walls has a great influence not only on your studying, but also on your personality, which is why you should choose it carefully. It is scientifically proven that certain colours, such as green or blue are a great choice for creating the right environment for studying. Opt for the lighter versions of these colours in order to make the room look bigger as well. Also, try to avoid choosing darker colours such as purple or intense brown, because these will only make you feel tired.

Create a playlist for studying

Researches show that listening to music improves focus and concentration, which is also one of the reasons why scientists advise students to listen to music when they have to study for a very difficult exam. However, keep in mind that when creating your studying playlist, you should avoid adding songs that also contain lyrics, since these can distract you. Opt for classical music instead or for ambiental music for instance.

Ensure the light is good

When you are looking for student accommodation, you have to ensure that the lighting in the room is good enough and that it has big windows in order to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Do not forget to check the lighting installation as well before actually moving in so that you avoid any unpleasant incidents from occurring.

All in all, these are the four main steps you need to consider when looking for student accommodation and turning it into the perfect study environment.

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