Calcium and hypocalcemia in senior citizen

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Calcium is one of the essential minerals that the human body needs in order to develop harmoniously, especially when it comes to bone health. Although calcium deficiency is quite common in people of all ages, senior citizens are somewhat more vulnerable and they need to take extra care to make sure they get their daily calcium intake from healthy sources. Whether you make dietary changes or seek a doctor’s advice for supplements, it’s important that you get rid of hypocalcemia as quickly as possible, because it can have long term medical consequences. If you cannot take all the calcium you need from food, then you should read Algaecal reviews and talk to your doctor about the benefits of supplements.

We are more prone to calcium deficiency as we get old

Over the age of 50, the risk of hypercalcemia increases considerably, because the body is weaker and cannot absorb calcium as easily. Besides, there are other factors in play as well. As we get older, we feel less hungry and we eat less. As the calorie intake gets lower, so does the calcium intake. Another important cause is that seniors tend to spend a lot of time indoors after retirement, so they are exposed to less sunlight, which triggers vitamin D deficiency. Even if you do go outside, the skin processes vitamin D four times slower than when you were young. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, so if it lacks you are likely to get hypocalcemia.

The risks of hypocalcemia

Calcium deficiency is risky at any age, but particularly in senior citizen. Because this mineral plays an essential role in keeping bones healthy and strong, deficiency increases the risk of falls and fractures. Moreover, conditions such as osteoporosis are more likely to develop after the age of 50, especially in women. Keep in mind that fractures take much longer to heal after a certain age, so the best thing you can do is prevent them by getting the daily recommended calcium intake.

Recommended calcium intake and where to get it

The recommended amount of calcium increases with age. After 60 years old, it should be about 1000 mg/day and after 70, it should be around 1200 mg. There are two ways to make sure you get this intake. On the one hand, you should have a diet that’s rich in calcium, which includes foods such as yoghurt, cheese, milk, whole grains and vegetables. However, it can be very difficult to get your calcium from food alone, because, as mentioned previously, you might not need that many calories or certain conditions might keep you from eating too much. On the other hand, you can take supplements to complement your diet. There are many high quality products on the market, Algaecal included, and these are an excellent way to keep your bones strong and healthy. Just make sure you talk to a doctor in advance so that they can prescribe the best dosage for your age and specific medical needs.

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